Freeze Drying System, used, completely checked, control system new
Gefriertrocknungsanlage Installation for production, optimally adapted to the respective application.

Dimensions of loading surfaces approx. 7,5 m²
Temperature of loading surfaces -40 to +80° C
Condenser temperature up to approx. -70° C
Ice capacity approx. 100 kg

Vacuum-Tumbling Dryer 1.100l, used, completely checked
  for production in the chemical industry.
Total capacity 1.100l
Operating temperature up to 230 °C
Operating vacuum up to < 0,5 mbar

Vacuum-Blade Type Dryer 100l, used, completely checked
Vakuum-Schaufeltrockner Plant for drying and mixing of powdery or pasty products.
When material tends to clog additional beating arms may be fitted.

Heating temperature up to 150° C
Final vacuum up to 10-² mbar
Total capacity 100l

Vacuum-Drying Chamber, used, versatile usable, W.-Nr. 1.4571
Width approx. 270mm
Depth approx. 440mm
Hight approx. 270mm

available with or without vacuum pump